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The Comeback Kid: Credit Recovery

In an ideal world, students would only have to take a course once to be successful. But as we all know, life gets sticky and sometimes we are met with unforeseen obstacles that prevent those ideal situations from happening.

Enter Online Credit Recovery Courses.

Online credit recovery courses are intended to help students recover credit from previously failed attempts. They are designed to provide a personalized pathway for students who have a history of course failure, offering them an avenue to success and preventing them from falling even further behind. These abridged courses are designed to be self-paced, highly individualized, and tailored to each student’s specific needs… Read now!

Finding Hope in Light of the Fiscal Cliff

December 05, 2023

The fiscal cliff is approaching. In addition to stimulus funds ending, K-12 is seeing declining enrollment, labor shortages, and a possible recession — but there is hope. This blog explores what educators can do to mitigate these challenges. Dive in and see how you can plan ahead and innovate!

Using Data to Drive Success in Your Online School

November 20, 2023

Year after year, iSucceed Virtual Schools has seen increased numbers of graduates and engagement rates. How did they get started, and what makes them so successful? Read our newest blog to dive in!

Blog: Next Generation Blended Learning

October 11, 2023

It’s time to rethink blended learning — and take advantage of today’s teachers, technology, and new instructional strategies. Our new blog breaks down how schools can maximize personalized learning and face-to-face time giving students more opportunities to thrive.

The Promise of Personalized Learning

September 12, 2023

Personalized learning” is often used as a buzzphrase — and key elements of the most successful implementations are often overlooked. Our new blog dives into key aspects of PL, including examples of schools providing PL. Read now!


Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Education

August 16, 2023

There’s a lot of valid concern over the role of AI in education — but there’s also a lot of promise. Our latest blog explores the benefits we may see if we embrace AI, including freeing up time for teachers and streamlining content selection. Read now and see what leaders are saying.

One Year Later — Voices from the Field: Why Hybrid Learning Works

July 18, 2023

The 2022-23 school year has concluded and Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona continues to thrive, celebrating more milestones — such as their first senior graduation. Read about the highlights and then see how the school got to where they are with a hybrid model that works!

Synchronous / Asynchronous: It’s AND not OR

June 12, 2023

Learning has changed since the pandemic, and many schools are beginning to combine asynchronous AND synchronous instruction to maximize learning. While there’s not a recipe or algorithm that most schools follow, there are many options. Read our newest blog to see what some schools are doing!


Hybrid Learning: A Future-Proof Solution

July 07, 2023

Post-pandemic, many schools are looking to innovate with hybrid learning. But what does that actually look like? Read about some examples and break down hybrid learning.

StrongMind Announces Partnership with Omaha Virtual School

July 17, 2023

StrongMind announced a new partnership with the Omaha Public Schools (OPS) to provide comprehensive digital courses for students in grades 6-12 at the Omaha Virtual School (OVS). Read the release to see more about the partnership!

The Clock is Ticking to Spend ESSER Funds

May 17, 2023

September 30th is around the corner. With the clock ticking, make the most of your ESSER funds to create sustainable change. Read our blog to review details of ESSER funding and look at upcoming opportunities.

The Possibilities for Online Learning Post-Pandemic

May 08, 2023

Three years ago the world locked down for COVID-19. Now, let’s ask what K-12 learning could look like post-pandemic. What are the possibiliies? How can we envision a safe & supportive environment where all students feel seen and heard?

StrongMind Announces Next Generation of K-5 Digital Courses

May 05, 2023

StrongMind K-5 courses include enhancements for even higher-quality ELA, math, science, & social studies & an experience designed to delight young learners.

Keys to Success for Teachers in an Online Learning Environment

April 04, 2023

This blog explores key elements for teacher success in flexible learning — synchronous & asynchronous tools, digital content, formative assessments, & PD.

Why Students and Teachers Engage More in Online Schools

February 08, 2023

Despite what the media, policymakers, and others say, online and hybrid teachers routinely talk about how well they know and engage with their students. Why is that? Read our latest blog to find out.

StrongMind℠ Rostering Earns 1EdTech Certification for OneRoster® 1.1

March 16, 2023

With OneRoster, schools can securely and reliably exchange roster information, course resources, and grades between learning tools, platforms, and systems, saving educators time in their already busy days. Read more here.

From a Parent’s Perspective: New Possibilities with Hybrid Learning

March 13, 2023

StrongMind digital courses for K-12 support innovative, personalized learning models with the flexibility to work in programs across a district. Read how one educational technologist envisions what innovative learning could like when technology and experiential learning are blended.

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