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The only solution designed specifically for hybrid learning in grades K-12.

  • Developed with flexibility for the unique uses of time and space with hybrid learning
  • Engaging, interactive, and scaffolded digital content for self-paced learning
  • Embedded project-based learning for applied critical thinking and collaboration
  • Social Emotional Learning that can be personalized and used in groups 
  • Direct instruction lesson plans, pacing guides, graphic organizer library, interventions, and extensions

Online learning that doesn’t try to replicate the regular classroom.

  • Equitable, personalized, and flexible to empower K-12 learners
  • Immersive digital curriculum with opportunities for asynchronous and synchronous learning
  • Social Emotional Learning designed for the specific needs of virtual learners
  • Robust teacher resources, real-time data to power instructional decisions, communication tools designed to engage, and access to 24/7 support
  • Community engagement services to attract, recruit, and retain students to build your school community

When students have more options, they thrive.

  • Immersive digital curriculum for grades K-12 combined with direct instruction lesson plans powers blended learning
  • Social Emotional Learning designed for flexible learning models
  • Real-time data to drive personalized learning and small group collaboration
  • Robust implementation planning and ongoing support for a blended model tailored to your local needs
  • Community engagement to tell your blended learning story 

Digital courses and tools tailored to meet the needs of your local alternative program.


  • Personalized self-paced learning with opt-in scaffolds to support the needs of all learners
  • A complete catalog of courses aligned to state standards and graduation requirements
  • Options to accelerate learning for credit recovery or where students are running out of time to graduate
  • Multiple means of assessment, including formative and summative assessments ranging from no-stakes practice to high-stakes measures of mastery
  • Real-time insights to guide data-driven instructional decisions and provide targeted feedback

If students need to catch up on some credits or want to get ahead, we have the courses and resources to help make that happen.

  • Standards-aligned digital courses for ELA, Math, Science, and Social studies
  • Flexible teacher tools to personalize learning and meet students where they are
  • Opt-in scaffolds to support students in self-paced learning, such read-aloud, translation, a digital dictionary, videos with closed captioning, and annotations
  • Key insights to keep learners on track to meet their goals
  • Tailored implementation support that lets schools determine what their students need in order to meet graduation requirements

Give all learners the opportunity to thrive this summer

  • A complete catalog of core and elective courses that be easily adapted to meet your local summer school schedule
  • Eliminate learning loss and support all learners with opt-in scaffolds
  • Flexibility to catch up on or earn extra credits
  • Robust teacher resources such as lesson plans and tools to create their own original content to enrich instruction.
  • Prepare for back to school 2023 with key core courses

School leaders continue to research innovative instructional approaches — including virtual and hybrid programs — and provide flexible learning models for their students. StrongMind solutions give schools the building blocks needed to accomplish their goals of moving education to its ‘next generation.’ 

Melissa Slone

Senior Vice President, Sales and Services

Digital Courses for K-12

  • Developed for synchronous, asynchronous, or a combination of both types of instruction
  • Aligned to state standards and Quality Matters-approved
  • Scaffolding to provide equity and meet the needs of all learners
  • Pedagogy based in learning science to boost student achievement in your district
  • Teacher tools to bolster effective instruction
  • Content delivery to meet your local needs — our LMS or cartridges for your LMS
Digital Courses Graphic
Explore StrongMind Digital Courses

K-12 Digital Instruction

StrongMind digital courses provide an immersive, impactful learning experience for K-12 students — and teachers remain central to student success. Schools and districts can opt for instruction from their local teachers; our highly qualified, certified teachers; or a combination of both. StrongMind teachers:

Emphasize building strong relationships with their students

Collaborate with school advisors and administrators

Provide personalized support for individual learners

Authentically engage and connect with students multiple times a week

Instruction methods and frequency of synchronous learning are tailored to meet the local needs of each school or district.

Connect to learn more about StrongMind Instruction

Personalized SEL for K-12

Equip your K-12 students with the tools to stay emotionally well in school

  • Engaging and relevant SEL
  • Snack-sized lessons that integrate easily into other learning
  • Design that emboldens student agency and growth
  • Multiple tools for both students and teachers to drive personalization 
  • Requires minimal teacher training to get started
Check Out StrongMind SEL

StrongMind digital courses and SEL qualify for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds and title funding under ESSA!

“One-size-fits-all” doesn’t work for schools and districts.


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