A flexible instructional approach to deepen student learning

StrongMind’s hybrid solution optimizes Time and Place, People, and Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment to drive learning outcomes

What is Hybrid?

A hybrid education combines the best aspects of a traditional brick-and-mortar school with digital learning. Teachers guide students using digital solutions for instruction and progress monitoring, while students enjoy flexible schedules and work-spaces – allowing for the collaboration, use of technology, and independent thinking that drives deeper understanding and application of knowledge.


You have the vision; we have the building blocks.

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Creative use of building space and instructional schedules frees students of time and space constraints. Enables schools to engage with more students more deeply.

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Award-winning, standards-aligned curriculum with flexible assessments, right on time academic supports that address remediation and acceleration, embedded social-emotional learning activities, and project-based learning that enables engagement and collaboration.

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Focus on the whole child, support teachers and administrators, engage with families, fulfill needs within the community.

What can a hybrid classroom look like?

Hybrid learning can be organized in many different ways and is flexible for the evolving needs of students and educators. StrongMind works closely with partners to develop solutions that work for their teachers and students.

Why Hybrid?

StrongMind recognizes that a traditional brick-and-mortar school or a 100% virtual school is not the right fit for some students. Hybrid education with StrongMind provides multiple benefits for students and educators:


in when, where, and how students learn to promote student agency and engagement and deepen learning

Student Support

for life and career planning efforts that align with their interests and passions

Project-based learning

activities provide a flexible option to differentiate and enhance student understanding


for students to have deep relationships with teachers, other caring adults, and their peers

Real-time academic supports

that enable remediation and acceleration

StrongMINDED social-emotional learning activities

to support the whole child

See if a hybrid or
virtual school option
is right for your
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