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K-12 digital courses for now and into the future

  • Developed with flexibility for the unique uses of time and space with hybrid learning
  • Engaging, interactive, and scaffolded digital content for self-paced learning
  • Robust teacher-resources for small and large group sessions
  • Embedded project-based learning for applied critical thinking and collaboration
  • Direct instruction lesson plans, pacing guides, graphic organizer library, interventions, and extensions

What can hybrid learning with StrongMind look like?

  • A hybrid education combines the best of traditional brick-and-mortar and digital learning. Students gain knowledge and skills in self-paced learning with immersive digital curriculum, targeted and timely feedback, and real-time progress monitoring.
  • Teachers facilitate collaboration, application of knowledge and skills, and critical thinking and reasoning in small and large groups, driving deeper understanding and real- world context through project-based learning.
  • Students and families enjoy flexible learning schedules and workspaces, maximizing time and place.

See StrongMind Customers in Action

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Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona combines the flexibility of online learning with the structure of traditional schools in a hybrid learning model. Students engage in self-paced learning, building agency in how they choose to learn and with personalized, timely feedback that empowers them to monitor their own progress as they work to achieve mastery. Teachers facilitate collaboration and empower students to apply critical thinking and reasoning in small and large groups with authentic, project-based learning.


Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona offers three flexible learning options to their students that use time, space, and resources differently than a traditional school:

  • Face-to-face + tutoring
  • Online learning with check-ins and face-to-face tutoring options
  • Combination of face-to-face and self-paced learning

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At Valor Academy of Ohio, students spend the entire day at school in a hybrid learning model. Students enjoy self-paced learning that combines flexibility and personalization, empowering them to succeed and achieve mastery. Teachers can easily customize learning for their students, incorporating flipped learning that includes project-based learning.


What does learning look like at Valor Ohio?

  • Teachers lead instruction in the mornings for two core courses (ELA, social studies)
  • Students engage in flipped learning in the afternoon for the other core course (math, science)
  • On Fridays, students enjoy a flex day where they focus on electives, service learning projects, and one-on-one enrichment or intervention with their teachers

What is a Hybrid School?

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You have the vision; we have the building blocks.

StrongMind digital courses and resources are backed by user-design studies, learning science research, and testing with live teachers and students in our innovation lab. Our digital courses are developed to support your targeted hybrid/blended learning model now and into the future.

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Digital Curriculum for Hybrid

Courses include self-paced, personalized learning for knowledge and skills acquisition, teacher-directed and extension activities to accompany every digital lesson, project-based learning, and social-emotional learning designed for hybrid learners. Our standards-aligned, digital content includes opt-in scaffolds to support every learner, engaging video and interactives, and formative and summative assessments to inform instruction.

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Comprehensive Planning and Implementation

With over 20 years of experience supporting educators, StrongMind understands that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution for schools and their students. We work closely with customers to understand their local needs, resources, and goals, and then develop a plan for success.

Robust Educator Resources

Courses are designed for flexible learning, and educators have access to resources that are both course and activity-specific, including pacing guides, unit overviews with activity lesson plans, project-based learning plans, etiquette guides for students, and more.

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Teacher snapshot showing real-time data

*StrongMind courses are also available in cartridges for use on select district Learning Management Systems

Intuitive LMS with Real-Time Insights

The StrongMind LMS* and SIS platforms help ensure consistent communication between school leaders, students, and their families. Students and families see all online courses, digital content, and grades in one secure place. Teachers can easily grade assignments and communicate with their learners. Administrators can easily monitor achievement across the entire school. Additionally, schools can support families with our innovative engagement tool, providing real-time updates on student progress and performance without adding to educator workloads!

StrongMind Implementation Support for Hybrid/blended Learning

Empowering your teachers to succeed in delivering hybrid, blended, and virtual learning begins with strong implementation. Tailored to your specific goals and challenges, StrongMind supports you in every step of the way, including with:

  • Program planning — Determine school and class schedules, classroom set-ups, identify existing and needed resources, and more
  • Professional Learning and Development — In-person and/or online training for teachers and administrators, resources for successful learning, and much more!
  • Access to a Robust Knowledge Base – Resources to support the use of courses and the StrongMind LMS
  • Part of the StrongMind Community — Collaborate with other educators in the StrongMind community, which is moderated by the StrongMind Customer Success team
Graphic showing StrongMind implementation model: Adapt, Plan, Teach, & Analyze are the four main components, with PLC as a subset of "teach" and "1:1" as a subset of Analyze

Community Engagement

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With our community engagement services, StrongMind can make your hybrid program successful. In addition to communicating schedules and expectations to students and their families, promoting your school and learning plan to your community, and in re-engaging or retaining students, we are experts in:
  • Website development and support using cutting-edge design and design
  • Community outreach to inform, inspire, and drive organic searches for your school or district using traditional and digital media resources
  • Recapturing students with simple processes to streamline enrollment
  • Keeping your community informed with all things happening with your school or district