StrongMind to Provide Schools with FREE Online Programs Amid Closures

CHANDLER, Ariz., March 19, 2020 – Concerns over the spread of COVID-19 has caused K-12 schools across the country to postpone classes, raising questions as to what this will mean for the remainder of the school year. While some school districts can turn to existing online programs as an alternative for students should closures remain ongoing, many districts find themselves without an effective method of delivering instruction remotely.


In response, StrongMind, a digital learning solutions company based in Chandler, has announced that it has begun providing online courses to schools without existing programs. Furthermore, StrongMind will do so at no cost to schools. “We have seen an unprecedented disruption to schools across the country, but it does not need to be an indefinite interruption to learning,” said StrongMind President, Mary Gifford. Many of the nation’s largest school districts already offer online programs, but as the closures reach beyond major cities, smaller, rural, districts are left with few alternatives. “Right now, we feel it is important for these schools and their families to have options,” said Gifford.


Surprisingly, the first requests for StrongMind’s services came from outside of Arizona. Anticipating pressure from families or mandates to close schools, one of Arkansas’ largest districts approached StrongMind to provide digital services to ensure students can complete the school year with minimal interruption. As it remains unclear when district leaders and parents will feel comfortable allowing students to return for classroom instruction, StrongMind has also begun discussions with districts in Arizona and Texas to provide the resources for students to continue earning credits towards graduation and not face an extended school year.


StrongMind is prepared to onboard, train, and support educators and families for the remainder of the school year in hope that students can return to classes without significant interruption to their learning. With nearly two decades serving online and blended schools across the country, StrongMind is ready to equip district teachers with NCAA approved and state aligned courses.


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