Don’t replicate the classroom for your virtual solution.

Use technology purposefully for collaborative,

personalized, and project-based learning


With an expertise in equitable and personalized learning, StrongMind provides an inviting and impactful experience that empowers K-12 students to thrive.


Robust teacher resources, data for insights, professional development, implementation support to bolster success for all stakeholders.

School or District Community

Attract, recruit, and engage students within your school community, offering more options to involve them and sustain your school or program.

See StrongMind Customers in Action

Elite Academic Academy

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Elite Academic Academy offers three unique options for TK-12 students, empowering learners and their families to select the best option for their needs and goals. A premiere independent study educational option, Elite focuses on flexible, individualized homeschool, virtual, and blended academies for students not choosing to attend traditional brick and mortar schools. Students also enjoy a variety of enrichment programs where they can pursue extracurricular and/or career/vocational interests.
Elite offers three flexible learning options for students and families:

  • Homeschool Academy
  • Virtual Academy
  • Flex Academy

iSucceed Virtual High School

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At iSucceed Virtual Schools, students enjoy the freedom of online school with personalized support from highly qualified teachers. Available for grades 8-12, learning is 100% online, giving students the flexibility and freedom to balance learning with their lifestyle. Teachers can easily customize learning for their students using a fully digital curriculum.
What does learning look like at iSucceed?

  • Students can enroll full or part-time
  • Learners complete 100% online coursework from any location at any time of day
  • Students can take a full scope of courses, including accelerated learning, credit recovery, or a mixture

The StrongMind virtual solution can be turn-key
or customized around the following components:

Digital K-12 Curriculum Made for Virtual Learning

We are the only provider that has developed digital courses specifically for virtual learning. Courses include a blend of asynchronous and synchronous learning, personalized learning for knowledge and skills acquisition, project-based learning, and social emotional learning designed for online learners. Our standards-aligned, digital content includes:

  • Opt-in scaffolds to support every learner
  • Engaging video and interactives
  • Formative and summative assessments to inform instruction
  • Personalized and timely feedback throughout each course
  • Real-time insights to personalize learning and guide data-driven instructional decisions

Comprehensive SEL for students in virtual learning

StrongMinded SEL provides seamless and personalized social and emotional learning (SEL) for K-12th grade students. Requiring minimal teacher training to get started with meaningful SEL instruction, StrongMinded is a reliable digital solution that provides equitable learning when and how students need it.


  • Engaging and relevant SEL
  • Emboldens student agency and growth
  • Flexible tools to drive personalization

Robust Educator Resources

Beginning with courses designed for the virtual experience, educators have access to resources that are both course and activity specific, including pacing guides, unit overviews with activity lesson plans, project-based learning plans, and etiquette guides for students.

Pupils In Class Using Digital Tablet With Teacher

Community Engagement

With our community engagement services, StrongMind can make your virtual program successful. In addition to communicating schedules and expectations to students and their families, promoting your school and learning plan to your community, and in re-engaging or retaining students, we are experts in:


  • Website development and support using cutting-edge design
  • Community outreach to inform, inspire, and drive organic searches for your school or district using traditional and digital media resources
  • Recapturing students with simple processes to streamline enrollment
  • Keeping your community informed with all things happening with your school or district

StrongMind Implementation Support for Virtual Learning

Empowering your teachers to succeed in delivering virtual learning begins with strong implementation

Tailored to your specific goals and challenges, StrongMind supports you in every step of the way, including with:

  • Program planning – develop an implementation plan based on local needs and resources
  • Professional learning and development – in-person, online, or a blend of training for teachers and administrators
  • Access to a robust knowledge base – contains on-demand articles to support teaching and learning in real-time
  • Part of the StrongMind Community – collaboration with other educators in the StrongMind community and moderated by the StrongMind Customer Success team

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