StrongMinded Enables Personalized Social Emotional Learning in Any Instruction Model – Remote, Hybrid, and School-Based

Online 5-Minute Lessons Build SEL Competencies and
Easily Integrate Into Any 6-12th Grade Curriculum

Chandler, AZ – October 8th, 2020 – A leader in designing and delivering innovative digital learning solutions for over 20 years, StrongMind today introduces StrongMinded, a new concept in social emotional learning (SEL) for grades 6-12 that leverages technology to embolden student SEL growth through a personalized learning experience. This fall, approximately 22,000 students in Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania schools will use StrongMinded for SEL development.

StrongMinded offers an extensive library of online, bite-sized lessons – each just about five minutes long and targeted to a specific SEL skill. Teachers can tailor learning by sharing single lessons or creating lesson playlists for individual students, the whole class, or to specific student groups. Students also have full access to the searchable library to explore and complete media-rich lessons independently, building agency to direct their own social emotional growth. 

StrongMinded lessons align to all five core competencies outlined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, (CASEL) and include direct instruction, student facing objectives, SEL vocabulary, and practice activities with feedback. Because lessons are digitally-delivered and mobile-enabled, StrongMinded is compatible with any instructional model – remote, hybrid, or school-based – ensuring continuity of learning as models change, particularly over this school year.

“We recognized a huge need for a student-centered, research-based approach to teaching and learning social emotional skills – one that addressed individual student learning needs, which complemented rather than competed with academic instruction,” commented Yovhane Metcalfe, Chief Academic Officer, StrongMind. “StrongMinded alleviates the implementation challenges that teachers, schools, and districts face so that SEL can more easily be integrated into any middle or high school course.”

StrongMinded requires minimal training, can be quickly implemented, and user-friendly for both teachers and students. Lessons are media-rich, interactive, age-appropriate for older students, and include a student dashboard showing real-time progression to encourage growth and motivate usage. To learn more about how StrongMinded builds core social emotional learning competencies, register for our webinar, StrongMinded: SEL Right Now on October 28th at 2pm EST.

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