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Helping K-12 Schools Grow Since 2003

Communication experts who are passionate about education, we specialize in helping K-12 schools engage with and expand their local communities. For nearly 20 years, we have proudly partnered with schools and districts across the country to share and elevate their virtual, blended, and hybrid learning programs. Tailored to your vision and goals, we can reach out to your community to:

SM Engagement 3

Build awareness
your community

SM Engagement 2

Strengthen your school brand
through messaging aligned to
your vision

SM Engagement 1

Recruit and recapture students
who have either left or are new to the school or district

SM Engagement 4

Foster your school community
with ongoing communications and digital marketing campaigns

Our comprehensive community engagement services include:


Digital Advertising

Drive awareness of your school or district through targeted digital campaigns

content + pr

Content and PR

Inform and inspire with precise and
impactful messaging

social media

Social Media

Connect authentically with students
and parents

student recruitment

Student Recruitment

Create a powerful and compelling identity to elevate your school or district and attract students

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize search results (SEO) with current, relevant tactics



Welcome families with cutting-edge content, design, and enrollment options

“Schools have great stories to tell, and sharing those successes is an important step in showing parents and students they have options for their education. StrongMind helps schools tell their stories to engage the communities they serve.”

Todd Rash, VP of Marketing at StrongMind.