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The Promise of Personalized Learning

“Personalized learning” (PL) is often used as a buzzphrase — and key elements of the most successful implementations are often overlooked. Our new whitepaper dives into key aspects of PL, including examples of schools providing PL. Read now and see what the keys to success are for personalized learning!

September 27, 2023

Keys to Success for K-5 Digital Learning

Online, Hybrid, and Blended
June 06, 2023

Not every grade level is the same — which means strategies for creating high-quality online and blended learning experiences differ between grades K-5 and 6-12. Read our latest paper to explore such strategies, including pedagogy, SEL, kid-friendly platforms, and teacher support.

Expect More: UDL for K-12 Courses

March 03, 2023

Universal Design for Learning makes learning inclusive and accessible for all students. Read our white paper and see how StrongMind provides flexibility in how K-12 students consume and show their learning.

Does your provider really understand you?

January 19, 2023

It can be easy to get caught up in the details of content, tech, and instruction— which are all important! But does your provider truly understand you? Read our white paper and learn key things to consider and what questions to ask

Federal Funding Opportunities for K-12

January 13, 2023

Curious about funding for K-12? Our new paper explores several federal funding options for the new year, including ESSER and GEER. Check it out!

Time to Take a Step: Spend the Dollars

October 04, 2022

Although the first deadlines for ESSER and GEER are passing, it’s not too late to spend your dollars. There are lots of approaches for using your funds. Read our latest White Paper for more information on how to invest for the road ahead.

The StrongMind Difference – Hybrid Learning That Works

June 06, 2022

Today’s students need a broad range of skills to succeed — critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, clear communication, and adaptability. Our hybrid courses are research-based and pedagogically sound. Learn about what makes our curriculum work in our white paper!

SEL in Online and Blended Classrooms

June 06, 2020

SEL is a necessity in today’s classrooms — whether brick-and-mortar or online. We asked teachers from across the USA what challenges they faced in supporting their students’ SEL in online environments. Read our report to see what we learned.

Combining Research & Tech for Meaningful SEL

September 09, 2020

Committed to providing high-quality education and fully preparing students for college, career, and citizenship, we created StrongMind SEL, a supplementary social-emotional learning system guided by decades of research.

StrongMind SEL Model

September 04, 2020

This logic model is a graphic representation of the relationships among the resources, activities, and outcomes for StrongMind SEL. It depicts how the program is intended to work and is used for program planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Empowering Teachers with Data-Driven Dashboards

August 08, 2019

StrongMind created a teacher dashboard to serve as a centralized location for student data, empowering them to plan ahead for whole class, group, and individual instruction while also guiding students in self-paced learning.

How Backward Design Moves Learning Forward

May 29, 2018

StrongMind builds K-12 digital courses by starting with the end in mind. Our evidence-based methods empower teachers and students with a focused learning environment that promotes clear and concise learning outcomes.

Efficacy Evaluation — StrongMind SEL

September 24, 2021

StrongMind SEL is a unique program offering a flexible and integrated approach to helping K-12 students build essential SEL skills. This study evaluates StrongMind SEL’s effectiveness, informs implementation efforts, and spurs further research.

Gaining Ground — The Impact of StrongMind Curriculum on Student Growth

July 06, 2018

StrongMind uses the best of emerging technologies and learning science to drive improved academic outcomes. Read our report and explore how StrongMind’s digital curriculum has helped one school improve student growth by 9-12% on state assessments for English language arts (ELA) and math.

Research Report: Evaluating the Predictive Value of Standards-Based Assessments

August 08, 2019

Assessments are vital for informing instruction and academic program management. Our study explores how StrongMind assessments inform and predict end-of-year performance for students, and to what extent multiple attempts on in-course formative assessments impact the ability to predict end-of-year state testing performance. performance?

Outpacing the Competition in Proficiency Growth

August 09, 2019

Based on state assessment proficiency rates, 8th-grade students at schools using StrongMind in both CA and AZ saw significantly greater increases in student proficiency rates after one year of implementing StrongMind’s ELA and Math curriculum, compared to students at schools using another online provider — read how!

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