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We are honored to be recognized for our contributions to virtual and hybrid learning, leadership, and innovation in the industry.

StrongMindSM is dedicated to delivering high-quality digital solutions to schools and their students. With over 50 awards from organizations across the nation, our passionate teams collaborate daily to ensure we are the trusted source of innovative digital learning solutions.

Winner of 14 Telly Awards in 2020!



StrongMind is the winner of 3 Gold, 7 Silver, and 4 Bronze Telly Awards. Our curriculum and creative departments involved are proud to collaborate and support student engagement.

Gold Awards

  • “End in Mind” Winner in Non-Broadcast: Education
  • “Middle School Social Studies” Winner in Online: Webseries: Scripted
  • “Planet Math: Rearranging Formulas” Winner in Non-Broadcast: Education

“Planet Math: Rearranging Formulas” Winner in Non-Broadcast: Education

Silver Awards

  • “Middle School Science” Winner in Non-Broadcast: Title Design
  • “Geography Title Slate” Winner in Non-Broadcast: Use of 3D Animation
  • “Genetic Maps” Winner in Non-Broadcast: Fully Animated piece
  • “Hooke’s Law” Winner in Non-Broadcast: Motion Graphics / Design
  • “StrongMind Studios Recruitment Video” Winner in Non-Broadcast: Recruitment
  • “Middle School Social Studies” Winner in Online: Set Design
  • “Classroom Innovation” Winner in Branded Content General Branding
Telly Silver

Bronze Awards

  • “Geometry” Winner in Non-Broadcast: Title Design
  • “Alexander the Great” Winner in Non-Broadcast: Motion Graphics / Design
  • “It Definitely Affected My Life” Winner in Promotional Video Craft – Videography/Cinematography
  • “Get a Better Education” Winner in Promotional Video General- Schools/Colleges/Universities

Amazon Alexa EdTech Skills finalist

Of over a hundred applicants, StrongMind is excited to be 1 of the 6 finalists in the Amazon Alexa EdTech Skills Challenge! At StrongMind, one way we focus on improving student academic outcomes is by improving engagement among students, parents, and teachers. Discover our StrongMind Alexa Skill and see the potential for applying voice technology to education to improve the home-school connection.

We are proud to be CODiE Awards finalists!

Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for grades 9-12


Arizona Business Innovation Award


South by Southwest Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge Finalist

“It is clear that a lot of deep thinking, feedback, and iteration of the product has produced an outstanding result. If I were still teaching in the classroom, I would want to use StrongMind with my students. Well Done!”

–  CODiE judge


Tech Edvocate Finalist

“Best Math App or Tool” for Geomethor


Tech Edvocate Finalist

“Best Learning Management System”


CODiE Finalist

Best Instructional Solution in Non-Core Area
8th grade Spanish



CODiE Award

Best PK-12 Cloud-Based Solution
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CODiE Award Finalist

Best Social Sciences Instructional Solution for 8th grade Early American History


CODiE Award Finalist

Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for Advanced Rhetoric and Composition

Codie Awards Night 2018


18 Telly Awards

One Gold Award, Five Silver Awards, 12 Bronze Awards
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  • “Key Terms”/ Advanced Composition and Rhetoric
    Gold, Use of Animation; Silver, Education; Bronze, Use of Graphics
  • “360 Interior Design”/Interior Design
    Silver, Set Design
  • “Rhetoric and Purpose”/Advanced Composition and Rhetoric
    Silver, Editing; Bronze, Art Direction
  • “Middle School Math”/Middle School Math
    Silver, Title Design
  • “Phrases and Clauses”/8th Grade Language Arts
    Silver, Use of Graphics; Bronze, Education
  • “Gaming Unlocked”/Gaming Unlocked
    Bronze, Title Design
  • “Career Connections: Fashion Design”/Fashion Design
    Bronze, Editing; Bronze, Cinematography
  • “Context Clues”/8th Grade Language Arts
    Bronze, Use of 2D Animation;
  • “Style and Content”/ Advanced Composition and Rhetoric
    Bronze, Use of Graphics; Bronze, Motion Graphics
  • “North American Geography and Culture”/ Early American History
    Bronze, Education; Bronze, Use of 2D Animation
  • “Character Archetypes”/ 8th Grade Foundations of English Language
    Bronze, Use of Graphics


EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award

Digital Coursework Solution

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EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award Finalist

Personalized Learning Solution


EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award Finalist

Curriculum and Instruction Solution


Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy® Award

“Motion – Isaac Newton’s Second Law”
Digital Curriculum Video, Education category
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6 Emmy® Award Nominations

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CODiE Finalist

“Geometry – The Legend of Geomethor”
Best Mathematics Instructional Solution


CIOReview – Top K-12 Tech Company

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Best of Chandler Award

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5 Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy® Awards

“Motion – Isaac Newton’s First Law”
The awards are in the categories of Instructional, Writing, Director, Animation and Art Direction.
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Serious Play Silver Award

The Legend of Geomethor” game
K-12 Math category