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We bring education leaders from across the nation together to share their stories, discuss strategies, and converse about what it means to innovate with hybrid/blended learning, virtual learning, and social emotional learning now and into the future. We are committed to joining and continuing these important conversations as the needs of schools and districts evolve.

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Virtual, blended, and hybrid learning should not look the same at every grade level

Although primary and secondary education is often combined as “K-12,” everyone recognizes that second graders are very different from high school students. That said, how can we shift conversations regarding instructional strategies and policies to focus on the different ways online and hybrid learning can serve students of all ages?

Elevating Student Voices in Virtual and Hybrid Learning

Why do students choose online and hybrid schools? How do these learning models impact students? We know why some learners choose these options: flexibility; to pursue interests; to catch up or get ahead academically; as well as other motivations. Join us to hear directly from students about why they choose innovation and how it impacts their lives.

Reimagining Schools for Students and Families Seeking New Options

We have known for years that traditional school doesn’t work for many at-risk students, but one of the surprises from the pandemic was finding that other types of students thrived in the flexibility of remote, virtual, and hybrid learning. Forward thinking district and school leaders are seeing the challenges and lessons learned from Covid19 as an opportunity to offer innovative and flexible options for students and families who, for a variety of reasons, don’t want to go back to traditional school now or possibly ever—and may seek other options, including private schools or homeschooling if their local district doesn’t offer new opportunities.

Recapture, Re-engage, and Retain Students by Adding Options Part 2

Although some students struggled with the disruptions to K-12 learning this year, others have thrived – with academic outcomes improving in blended/hybrid and virtual learning. Hear how fellow educators and leaders are keeping their students engaged and enrolled in their districts!

Recapture, Re-engage, and Retain Students by Adding Options

While some students and families have struggled greatly with the disruptions in K-12 learning during the past year, others have found ways to thrive—with academic outcomes improving in hybrid and remote learning environments. As we move forward, now is an opportunity to evaluate and use what has been learned for the students who are flourishing, keeping them engaged and enrolled in your district.

SEL that Works for Hybrid and Virtual Learning

Social emotional learning has been recognized as critically important during this time of remote learning. But SEL is not new. Experienced educators have been considering SEL needs for decades and are now planning to incorporate SEL into a variety of online and hybrid learning environments. In this webinar, our panel discusses student support and SEL as related to digital learning, from the perspective of experienced online educators as well as mainstream school districts.

Hybrid Learning that Works

In this webinar, hosts will explore what hybrid learning is, how schedules work, challenges, and how StrongMind supports hybrid from planning, implementation, courses, SEL, and more).

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