Pushing the boundaries in curriculum and technology

About StrongMind

At StrongMind, we believe every child deserves a great education. So we continually push the boundaries in curriculum and technology to enable schools around the country to provide a top quality education for as many students as possible.


At StrongMind, our mission is to empower educators and schools across America to democratize education, enabling students to learn through relevant and engaging digital experiences that unlock the magic of learning and drive improved academic outcomes.


To become the most trusted and respected digital learning organization in the United States.


  • Customers Are First
  • Serve Relentlessly
  • Be Candid
  • Build Respect
  • Create Our Future
  • Passionate Persistence
  • Student Focused, Educator Driven
  • Simple, Intuitive, Magical Experiences
  • Be Great
  • Data Drives Insights, Insights Drive Data
  • Fierce Agreement
  • Have Fun

Our VISION is to become the most trusted and respected digital learning organization in the United States.

Damian Creamer
Founder and CEO

Our Story

For nearly two decades, StrongMind has been blazing the trail in online education. It was founded by Damian Creamer as the exclusive technology and curriculum partner for Primavera Online High School. This collaboration helped grow Primavera into the largest high school in Arizona and one of the most successful online high schools in the country serving more than 20,000 students each year.

A visionary in online education, Creamer works with his growing team of nearly 500 edtech professionals to continuously advance curriculum, technology and instruction to empower students throughout the country with a high caliber education. While more than 200,000 students have already benefited from StrongMind, his goal is to ensure ALL children have access to a great education.

StrongMind Scholarships

Each year StrongMind donates a portion of its profits to help deserving students achieve the dream of a college education. Our dedication goes beyond offering an exceptional education for all high school students: we want to inspire a lifelong love of learning. To that end, we want to help make college a reality for those who lack the financial means to continue their education.