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About StrongMind

At StrongMind, we believe every child deserves a great education. So we continually push the boundaries in curriculum and technology to enable schools around the country to provide a top quality education for as many students as possible.


At StrongMind, our mission is to empower educators and schools across America to democratize education, enabling students to learn through relevant and engaging digital experiences that unlock the magic of learning and drive improved academic outcomes.


To become the most trusted and respected digital learning organization in the United States.


Candor / Be Candid, Not Cruel

We speak candidly, listen for meaning and intent and treat others respectfully.  We are self-reflective and acknowledge that being open can sometimes be difficult and risky, but it is worth it.  We truly cherish having ‘a say’ and we value diverse points of view and insights.

Results / Results Through Passionate Persistence

Results Matter. We choose to bring our very best self, ideas and collaborative spirit every day because we are intensely passionate about our mission.  We are 100% present every day. We know the job is not done until the customer need is met, and they are happy.  We trust each other to do what is needed and commit to fix it if we come up short.

Empowerment / We Create Our Future

We all own StrongMind’s future and work every day to make it a reality.  We think long-term but act quickly, taking measured risks, and trusting in the skills and talents of our team.  Good ideas happen when we openly explore options, embrace others, make smart choices and think BIG.

Diversity / Diversity Driving Fierce Agreement

Each of us is one of StrongMind’s most valuable assets. We hire the best people, we are all completely coachable, openly embrace feedback and grow in skill each time we learn something new.  We support the best ideas, regardless of source, and work hard to make them a reality.  We encourage different voices, respect diversity of opinion and listen for insight. Once a decision is reached, we fully commit.

Insights / Data Drives Insights, Insights Drive Decisions

We use data to ask better questions and help us formulate new insights.  We seek out new sources of information and feedback that will enable better decisions.  We are not beholden to prior decisions and are always willing to consider new information and change direction.

Teachers & Students / Customers Are Our North Star

We started as a school with the desire to make the world of education a remarkably better place, and this remains our North Star.  We see educators as a fundamental part of the process and seek to amplify the impact of educators, not replace them.  We start with our customer needs and work backwards, actively listening and then delivering solutions, products, and services that delight them. It is the way we build trust.

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Our Story

For nearly two decades, StrongMind has been blazing the trail in online education. It was founded by Damian Creamer as the exclusive technology and curriculum partner for Primavera Online High School. This collaboration helped grow Primavera into the largest high school in Arizona and one of the most successful online high schools in the country serving more than 20,000 students each year.

A visionary in online education, Creamer works with his growing team of nearly 500 edtech professionals to continuously advance curriculum, technology and instruction to empower students throughout the country with a high caliber education. While more than 200,000 students have already benefited from StrongMind, his goal is to ensure ALL children have access to a great education.

Damian Creamer
Founder and CEO

StrongMind Scholarships

Each year StrongMind donates a portion of its profits to help deserving students achieve the dream of a college education. Our dedication goes beyond offering an exceptional education for all high school students: we want to inspire a lifelong love of learning. To that end, we want to help make college a reality for those who lack the financial means to continue their education.