Professional Development

Empower Educators to Succeed in Hybrid and
Virtual Learning Environments

Preparing teachers for excellence in instruction and communication for both hybrid and virtual learning is fundamental to helping schools thrive.

Comprehensive professional development from StrongMindSM empowers educators with an understanding of hybrid and virtual learning environments. Along with effective teaching and communication strategies, our professional learning is tailored to the specific goals and challenges of our partner districts and schools.
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With over 20 Years of Experience, Our Expert Professional Development Means Your Teachers are Ready on Day 1


  • 4 synchronous, 2-hour webinars – hosted by StrongMind facilitators. Each 120-minute webinar will be recorded and made available for flexible access
  • Access to a robust Knowledge Base – containing numerous resources to support webinar sessions as well as overall learning and teaching.
  • Part of the StrongMind Community –collaboration with other educators in the StrongMind community and moderated by the StrongMind Partner Success team
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Principles of Teaching and Learning at a Distance

Teachers will reflect on their knowledge and/or experience with distance learning. They will explore the knowledge, skills, and mindsets that makes distance learning successful.


Sessions Activities

  • Self-Assessment – Deepen understanding of the distance or hybrid learning model and reflect on current personal comfort levels
  • Educator Roundtable – Engage with other educators in discussion and sharing of skills and resources used in the distance learning model
  • Hybrid or Remote Learning Model Exploration – Observe successful distance learning and best practice in action
  • Explore & Share – Teachers will also explore curriculum materials, pacing expectations, distance learning norms, teacher resources, etc
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Getting Day 1 Ready

Teachers will engage in culture building and setting academic goals for their students in a hybrid or virtual learning environment. They will plan and deliver effective virtual lessons and learn best practices for communicating and connecting with families.


Sessions Activities

  • Building Relationships with Students and Families – Explore best practices for communicating with students and their families in hybrid or virtual learning
  • Goal Setting – Develop 3-5 academic SMART goals for their students
  • Lesson Planning – Explore lesson plans, curriculum resources, curriculum maps, project-based learning (PBL) materials, graphic organizers, state standards, etc.
  • Lesson Delivery – present a mock lesson using their lesson plans to their small groups in breakout rooms
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Progress Monitoring and Evaluating Student Learning

Participants will analyze student data from their remote classrooms and identify trends for intervention or enrichment, reflecting on student learning and progress made in the virtual or hybrid environment. In addition, participants will create plans for intervention and enrichment than can be delivered remotely or in hybrid learning.


Sessions Activities

  • Progress Monitoring Tools – Explore different evaluation methods and determine best tools available.
  • Student Evaluation at a Distance or in Hybrid – Determine best practices for progress monitoring and feedback, especially for English Language Learners
    (ELL) and students with disabilities.
  • Breakout Sessions – Teachers will discuss their methods for evaluating student learning, additional data sources they could use, and the best practices
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Project-Base Learning at a Distance

Explore the foundations of Project-Based Learning (PBL) and develop skills to put into practice in a virtual or hybrid setting. Participants will explore planning resources and collaborate on the development of a PBL unit with their peers.


Sessions Activities

  • PBL Overview – Explore the foundations of the PBL pedagogy, especially in hybrid or virtual context
  • Planning for Project Based Learning – Co-plan one PBL Learning unit in a virtual small group with their peers
  • Share, Reflect, & Ask Question – In a breakout session, share their units in a centralized resource hub and explore additional units created by their peers
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Two additional sessions are available as options to extend professional learning for educators:

SESSION 5: Professional Learning (Optional)

Participants will collaborate in teams to solve challenges that teachers experience in a distance learning model. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage with the StrongMind Community to seek support or discuss relevant topics in distance learning.


Sessions Activities

  • Consultancy Protocol (Share) – Small group discussion, sharing challenges. Each member of the small group will have the opportunity to present a challenge.
  • Consultancy Protocol (Deliberate) – Small groups will deliberate regarding the presented challenges as teachers that shared the challenge listen without
  • Consultancy Protocol (Resolve) – At the end of the time, the teacher that shared has the final minutes to present what has been learned, ask for clarity, or request support in next steps.
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SESSION 6: Distance Learning Coaching (Optional)

StrongMind partners participating in professional development have the option to opt in to receive virtual classroom observations. The purpose of this session is to provide individualized support and development to teachers in their distance learning classrooms.


Sessions Activities

One-on-One Distance Coaching – Teachers may submit videos or invite a StrongMind coach to attend a live virtual lesson for written feedback. Coach will provide written and verbal feedback, as well as strategies and resources

Additional Distance Coaching – Schools can opt in to receive distance coaching for up to five teachers, which includes a 40-minute virtual coaching session

Opportunities to Engage – Educators can engage with distance learning coach in ongoing sessions throughout the course of a semester

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*Sessions will be customized the specific learning environment in use by the partner district or school.

Reliable Support Anytime, Anywhere

As a part of the StrongMind professional development services, educators will also have access to the StrongMind Help Center. The StrongMind Help Center is made up of a self-service Knowledge Base, customer ticket portal, and a Community forum.

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Student Engagement

Recapture, re-engage, and immerse students in learning that enables meaningful collaboration, problem-solving, and active course participation.

Empowering Teachers

Give teachers the tools and strategies, building the confidence they need to help students thrive in hybrid, remote, and online learning environments.

Ease of Implementation

Implement new and changing learning models seamlessly with trusted, proven solutions and dedicated Partner Success Managers.

Future Proof Solutions

StrongMind creates flexible teaching and learning models tailored to current and changing needs with a path forward into the future.

Innovative Options

Provide unique educational options that meet the needs of your community, attracting families with a personalized, innovative, and well-rounded education for their students.