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New for StrongMind K-5 Courses

A new Science of Reading-based approach for reading instruction for K-3*

A human-voice for audio in phonics instruction

More graphics, videos, and interactives

Additional grading
supports for teachers

*Grades K-1 available now. Grades 2-3 coming soon.

Innovative K-5 Solution for Online, Blended, and Hybrid Learning

The StrongMind K-5 solution bolsters student achievement and captures attention with media-rich content, providing an
immersive experience for the whole learner. Our digital curriculum is standards-aligned, research-based,
and developed by a team of education experts who are passionate about fostering student success.

From the outset, we designed the StrongMind K-5 solution with our end-users in mind, which includes teachers but also parents and students,” says Melissa Slone, Senior Vice President of Sales, Sales and Services. “By working closely with parents to gather feedback and observing students as they interact with content, we were able to create a user driven experience that is supported by research-based best practices and aligned to state standards.

Animated GIF showing example graphics from ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies

Support Achievement with Student-Centered Learning

StrongMind provides an innovative and interactive learning experience with standards-aligned K-5 digital courses for math, ELA, science, and social studies. Designed with research on how young students learn:


  • Engage students with rich media, comics, interactives, infographics, and more
  • Have multiple opportunities for practice and assessment
  • Reinforce key concepts and objectives with offline activities and printables
  • Provide authentic application of knowledge, critical thinking, and collaboration with Project-Based-Learning
  • Are Digital Promise-Certified for research-based learning

Build Literacy with the Science of Reading for K-3*

StrongMind K-3* ELA courses are standards-aligned and Digital Promise-certified, engaging learners with rich media and learning based in modern pedagogy — including the Science of Reading!


  • A sequenced approach to phonics, with explicit skills instruction
  • Multiple opportunities for learners practice and apply
  • Courses move through the five pillars of reading — phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension

*Grades K-1 available now. Grades 2-3 coming soon.

K2 Phonics Interactive
Lesson support guide for parents/coaches using StrongMind

Support Learning with Robust Family/Coach Resources

StrongMind provides robust resources to support parents, families, and learning
coaches as students complete K-5 courses. Comprehensive materials include:


  • A variety of printables to reinforce concepts
  • Activity suggestions for extension and enrichment
  • Materials lists for lessons
  • Course objective information
  • Lesson support guides
  • Course syllabi and outlines

Equip Educators with Intuitive Resources and Data

The StrongMind K-5 solution empowers teachers with resources and data to drive personalization and instruction. Teacher Resource Guides include course syllabi, answer keys, a PDF of printables for activities, extension and enrichment options, materials lists, and more. Formative and summative assessments give realtime insights so teachers can accurately monitor course progress and achievement.

Animated image of grades within an English Language Arts course for grade 3.

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