All We Do is Win: StrongMind Receives a CODiE 2018 Award

There’s a certain popular rap song that we feel is quite applicable to our current mood. It goes something like this: “All (we) do is win win win, no matter what.”

If you don’t know the song, ask a teen. But on a more serious note, we are extremely honored to have been the recent recipient of a CODiE Award for the Best PK-12 Cloud-Based Solution:

The SIIA CODiE Awards is the only peer-reviewed program to showcase business and education technology’s finest products and services. To even become a finalist means an extensive evaluation of the product.

As for our product’s strengths within the evaluation, here’s what the CODiE judges said:

This solution allows for 24/7 online education, prepackaged courseware for a variety of subjects, and analytics to adapt content to student needs.

There is a self-contained social media center, messaging center, progress center, and attendance all within the program. I was impressed with the way a teacher could take the base content and adapt it to his/her curriculum.

I appreciated the self-pacing features and progress notifications. In addition, I liked the breadth of coursework available.

We did have just one weakness mentioned in the cloud-based solution:

As this solution is designed for the purpose of online education and constantly updated, I do not see any weaknesses...

Not only winners, but also finalists

While we are particularly proud of our award for our cloud-based solution, we were more than honored to be finalists in two other categories.

We were finalists for Best Social Sciences Instructional Solution for our 8th grade Early American History course, along with  Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for our Advanced Rhetoric and Composition course. You can learn more about those courses here.

Considering our competition was nationally renowned companies like National Geographic and ABC, we’re willing to let them take home the trophies. This time around, anyway. As we are an established company that’s newly growing nationally, it’s a great privilege to be among the ranks of such companies.

Here’s what the judges thought of our courses:

(StrongMind) sustains student focus while delivering relevant, rigorous, and standards-aligned content. It simplifies success goals and strategies by providing a visual display of students' concrete progress.

Designers are former educators, the ability to export curriculum into an LMS is a plus, partnership with ATI Galileo ensure reliable assessments.

Overall, this is a great product. I have already recommended it to two different schools, one of which was looking specifically for a Social Studies curriculum, and another that is looking for another topic.

The team behind the award

There is an entire company behind the cloud-based solution, constantly working on innovating and improving. There were a select few who attended the ceremonies, coming from the product, engineering and curriculum teams.

“The night was super fun, we were able to network with several others in the industry and received a ton of congratulations,” said StrongMind Director of Curriculum Gail Norlie. “The competition was very recognizable, so winning was a great accomplishment.”

About StrongMind's Awards

We believe in pouring our heart and soul into whatever we create. And it’s great when someone recognizes that. As of date, we’ve won more than 40 awards:

  • Regional Emmy Awards
  • Tellys
  • CODiEs
  • EdTech Digest
  • Serious Play Competition

To learn more about our digital 6–12th grade courseware, click here.

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