StrongMind Curriculum Video Nominated for 6 Regional Emmy® Awards!

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Image of animated Newton and apple with worm

StrongMind Science Curriculum Video Nominated for 6 Regional Emmy Awards.

At StrongMind we’re continuously transforming digital curriculum into something today’s high school students can relate to, connect with and truly enjoy.

And we’re being recognized for these efforts! Our Physical Science course video, “Motion: Isaac Newton’s Second Law,” was just nominated for six Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy® Awards in the following categories:

  1. Education/Schools
  2. Craft Specialty Musical Composition/Arrangement
  3. Director – Short Form
  4. Graphic Arts – Art Direction
  5. Graphic Arts – Graphics/Animation
  6. Writer – Short Form

Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion

Newton shaped the groundwork for classical mechanics back in the 17th century with the three laws of motion. The way nearly anything moves can be understood applying these laws. Now more than 300 years later, they continue to help scientists and engineers in a vast array of everyday scenarios.

In “Motion: Newton’s First Law” – a StrongMind video that won five Regional Emmys in 2016 – an animated Newton discovers that unless acted upon by an unbalanced external force an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.

While enlightening, this left Newton wondering how force might affect the acceleration of an object. In “Motion: Newton’s Second Law,” he digs deeper to learn that the greater the force applied to an object the greater its acceleration.

We look forward to sharing our third and final video in the series soon!

StrongMind Digital Curriculum: In a Class of its Own

Throughout StrongMind’s Physical Science course that features the “Motion” video series, students learn and practice the scientific method. They get to apply their experience in a project that introduces them to the field and processes of engineering.

Whether it’s a cool video or a thought provoking infographic, StrongMind strives to make every coursework element interesting. We invest a great deal of time of resources to develop original artwork, unique lessons and powerful storylines that immerse students for greater academic success. Because of this, StrongMind Digital Curriculum has earned numerous awards in addition to five Regional Emmys, including an EdTech Cool Tool Award, an SIIA CODiE, 29 Tellys and a Serious Play Competition Award.

Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy® Awards

In October of 2016, StrongMind’s “Motion: Newton’s First Law” won five Regional Emmy Awards in the categories of Instruction, Writing, Direction, Animation and Art Direction. As far as we know, StrongMind Digital Curriculum is the first and only high school curriculum to have earned an Emmy!

The Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is dedicated to excellence in television by honoring exceptional work through the prestigious EMMY ® Award. The 40th annual Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards ceremony will be held on October 14 at the Chateau Luxe in Phoenix… where we hope to bring home an Emmy or two… or six! 🙂

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