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Demo Walk-Through Resource

StrongMind has set up a sandbox demo account for you to explore. Use the credentials below below to explore a sample of courses as a teacher, student, and/or observer.


Click to expand the tabs below and get access to your demo account:

Demo Username & Password:

Resources & Tips:

As you navigate through the demo, below are a few reminders to help guide you:

  • Teacher Resource Guide (TRG): TRGs provide a high-level overview of the course and serve as a great starting point for exploring the course.
    1. After logging into the account, select any course card.
    2. Navigate to the first module, Resources. This is not visible by the students.
    3. Select the Teacher Resource Guide. Here you will see several valuable reources such as material lists, rubrics, hybrid activity options, and more.
    4. To start, open and explore Course Resources and Activity-Specific Resources (where available).
  • Syllabus: View the introduction video, course overview, objectives, and other valuable course details.
  • Course Structure: View the consistency in course design with the scaffolded approach to mastery guiding students from direct instruction, guided practice, to independent practices and assessment.
  • Lightbulb Navigation Items: Navigation items with the lightbulb ( ) are only available in StrongMind Canvas.

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