StrongMind Releases Innovative Solution for Hybrid Learning

CHANDLER, ARIZONA – StrongMind announces an innovative and comprehensive hybrid solution for schools and districts seeking new ways to address educational challenges now and into the future of education. The StrongMind hybrid learning solution uniquely balances self-paced learning for 6-12th grade students with teacher-directed activities, collaboration with other learners, and project-based learning, driving positive outcomes for all students. The solution supports schools and districts by combining the best aspects of a traditional brick-and-mortar school with digital learning. 

Chief Academic Officer Yovhane Metcalfe notes that, “when we began designing hybrid curriculum last fall, we wanted to bolster the role of the teacher regardless of whether the student was at home or in the classroom. Given these unprecedented times, we’re grateful for the ability to support our partners with a disruption-proof solution that guides teachers and engages students unlike typical digital curriculum designed for fully virtual schools.”

With StrongMind, teachers guide students using award-winning digital curriculum for personalized skills-instruction and progress monitoring, while students enjoy flexibility in completing independent work at their own pace. Students also collaborate with teachers and other students for synchronous activities where they apply knowledge and think critically to solve problems. Robust support for teachers includes Teacher Resource Guides and support from dedicated consultants for implementation planning, kickoff, and ongoing support and program evaluation.

In self-paced learning with digital curriculum, students enjoy embedded multi-media videos, virtual reality, and interactive exercises throughout lessons. Supports like read-aloud, translation, and video transcripts help diverse learners as they move through courses. Checks for understanding and real-time progress monitoring help students and teachers stay informed on their progress, leading to more personalized and meaningful experiences throughout the hybrid learning journey. A variety of informal and formal assessments guide instruction and measure achievement.

As stated by StrongMind President, Mary Gifford, “school leaders across the country are planning for a full range of instructional scenarios, from in-home independent remote learning to in-classroom instruction for students prepared to return to the school building. StrongMind hybrid courses contemplate this entire range of instructional settings and are perfectly suited for schools that may have to change instructional models or serve students through a range of instructional models.”

Hybrid learning is flexible and can be customized and scheduled in many different ways to meet the evolving needs of schools, their educators, and their students and families. StrongMind works closely with partners every step of the way to develop a hybrid model that works for each individual school or district and to ensure continuity of learning as situations change. 

Schools and districts can learn more about the StrongMind hybrid solution at

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