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StrongMindSM seeks to unlock the magic of learning and foster success by creating the most engaging and extraordinary 6-12th grade digital curriculum. To accomplish this mission, we are proud to partner with Epic Charter Schools in Oklahoma and offer an innovative, personalized learning option to empower teachers, learners, and families.

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High Quality and Customizable

Our award-winning, high quality courses are flexible, yet rigorous. Research, user feedback, and sound pedagogical practices guide our instructional design process, allowing us to consistently create content that fosters student success every step of the way.

Teachers can adapt content to meet personal or student needs with just a few clicks! StrongMind enables teachers to customize due dates, set passing thresholds, add supplemental resources, and more to support student learning.

Intuitive and Supports Parent Involvement

A clean, simple design allows students, teachers, and parents to easily navigate content. The dashboard provides immediate feedback for students, and advanced reporting that supports teachers’ instructional decisions. Teachers can opt to add parents as “observers” so they can monitor their child’s progress and help where needed.

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