Do the Math: Engaging Coursework = Improved Academic Outcomes

By March 9, 2018April 17th, 2018Curriculum, General

Math. Some kids find it easy, while it strikes fear and dread into the hearts of many others.


At StrongMind we’re on a mission to make math not only manageable, but enjoyable. We do this not only because it makes students happier, but because it promotes better learning and retention and improves academic outcomes.


Here’s how we’re tackling such an audacious goal with examples from our 8th grade math course:


Multimedia for Engagement

It’s a fact: An engaged learner is a more successful learner. And textbook and white board content simply isn’t cutting it with today’s digital natives.


That’s why we use cool interactive illustrations like the one below that target the most difficult-to-understand standards and concepts. This allows students to pursue as much digitally-guided practice as they need to master a challenging concept.

Scaffolding for Improved Learning & Retention

Each math lesson is broken into three ‘learn concepts,’ which scaffolds information for more effective learning and retention. Our lessons are rich in relevant, step-by-step examples such as the one in this video:


Studies (not to mention YouTube!) show that video can be a very effective learning tool for students. So at StrongMind, we develop our math courses to include at least one instructional video per lesson. And because adolescents are influenced and inspired by their cohorts, many of our video lessons are peer hosted.


Projects & Interaction for Deeper Learning

Comprehensive projects are assigned to help students apply all of the skills and knowledge they’ve developed over a lesson or course. These assignments help learners demonstrate their mastery of multiple concepts and skills.


In addition we use discussion boards where students interact with their classmates and instructors. Whether it’s asking or answering questions or participating in a group discussion, message boards keep kids collaborative and connected.

Investing in Student Success

At StrongMind, we invest a tremendous amount of resources designing and developing our courses in-house at our Arizona headquarters. We do this to empower educators to deliver the highest quality, most captivating educational content on the planet.


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