Delivering a superior educational experience

The seamless integration of StrongMind Digital Curriculum with our powerful technology education platform enables you to manage your school effectively and efficiently – and deliver a superior educational experience for your students, teachers and administrators.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Highly intuitive and customizable, our virtual classroom is engineered specifically for the adolescent learner. In conjunction with our immersive curriculum, our LMS allows you to foster communication and individualized support between teacher and student.

Student Information System (SIS)

StrongMind’s advanced information engine is reliable and intuitive and can be configured to your needs. Because our platform integrates with a single central database, your data needs to be entered only once and is visible in real time across all applications.

Parent/Student Portal (PSP)

Our progressive communications hub enables you to keep your school community connected. Parents and students have a real-time view of attendance, grades, course progress, notifications and more, plus they can easily and instantly connect with teachers.


Technology Platform

Advanced SIS

Intuitive and Customizable LMS

Progressive Communications Hub/PSP


Core Curriculum

Elective Curriculum

Reporting and Analytics

Assessment Tool

Other Solutions

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