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Traditional school doesn't work for everyone. Join us to explore how offering new options and expanding them to more types of districts, including urban districts, may be the key to bringing missing students back to school communities.


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The StrongMind Difference for K-12

We have been reinventing the learning experience for 20 years.  We’ve done virtual,

and we’ve done hybrid.  We understand the keys to success for flexible learning.

You have the vision 
we have the building blocks

Choose the entire StrongMind solution,
or just the parts you need.

StrongMind provides tailored solutions where:

  • Digital technology is used purposefully
  • Teachers still teach
  • Students collaborate
  • Flexible learning promotes thriving students, families, and communities
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Hybrid Solution

Virtual Solution

Social Emotional Learning

Digital Curriculum for K-12

Community Engagement

Education Solutions & Services

Hybrid Learning Solution

The StrongMind hybrid solution combines the best of traditional and digital learning, giving K-12 students flexibility and empowering teachers to focus on building relationships with their learners. With the only curriculum designed specifically for hybrid learning, our solution blends self-paced learning, teacher-led activities, and project-based learning (PBL). 

  • Immersive, interactive, and scaffolded digital content for independent learning
  • More opportunities for targeted and timely feedback
  • Embedded PBL for applied critical thinking and collaboration
  • Rich teacher resources, including pacing guides, interventions, extensions, and more
  • Added flexibility for small and large group instruction
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Virtual/Online Learning Solution

The StrongMind virtual solution blends personalized self-paced learning, teacher-directed synchronous learning, small group collaboration, and authentic project-based learning (PBL). Our 100% online curriculum immerses K-12 students with interactive, scaffolded, and relevant digital content. Our solution can be turn-key or tailored to your local needs.

  • Real-time and actionable insights for students, learning coaches, teachers, and administrators
  • Digital curriculum made specifically for virtual/online learning
  • Robust educator resources that are both course and activity-specific, including pacing guides, unit overviews with activity lesson plans, and PBL plans
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Digital Curriculum for K-12

Immerse your students in the learning. StrongMind digital courses and curriculum for K-12 learners are designed with the flexibility to support your local innovation, pedagogy based in learning science, and with teacher tools to bolster effective instruction. To immerse students in the learning, our curriculum was created using the following principles:

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for K-12

StrongMinded SEL provides seamless, personalized social and emotional learning for K-12 students, building essential skills to support them now and in the future with college, career, and life. With hundreds of bite-sized lessons that can be combined into customizable playlists, StrongMinded is the only SEL solution that is instructor and student-driven.

  • Flexible tools to drive personalization
  • Hundreds of engaging and relevant activities for K-12 learners
  • Multiple ways for students to engage with content—videos, interactive media, infographics, and comics—all with dynamic feedback
  • Digital Promise certified with the highest level of Research-Based design
  • Real-time insights to guide teacher support
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Community Engagement

We specialize in helping K-12 districts engage with and expand their local communities. Tailored to your vision and goals, we can reach out to your community to build awareness of your school/program through:

student recruitment
Student Recruitment
content + pr
Content + PR
social media
Social Media
search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Educational Services and Solutions

Developed and customized to meet your local needs, our services and solutions include:

  • Governance, policy, compliance, and accountability
  • Human resources, support staff, teaching and administrative staff
  • Teaching and learning professional development
  • Student services
  • Technology planning, implementation, and ongoing support
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The multimedia in courses is informative and entertaining, and has been very helpful for me as a student.

CASSANDRA WEILSenior at Primavera Online High School, Arizona

The best online course I have seen! The perfect blend of high quality and extremely engaging curriculum.

SIIA CODiE JudgeSS301 Civics and Government Course