With a consultative approach, StrongMindSM recognizes the need for digital learning companies to be agile – because all schools are unique.


Partnering with us means finding a customized and pioneering solution – one that may not even currently exist – that addresses the challenges your school or district faces.

No matter how you choose to use StrongMind, our solutions require no special configurations, eliminating data compatibility issues. So, whether you are in need of a blended hybrid model for a traditional brick-and-mortar school, a fully virtual school or program, standards-aligned engaging digital curriculum, or a combination of these needs, we can help.

Fully Integrated Solution
Award-winning Digital Curriculum
LMS (Learning Management System)
Advanced SIS (Student Information System)
StrongMind Loud Mouth (Engagement Engine)
PSP (Parent Student Portal)
3rd Party Integrations
Insights (Reporting, Analytics & Assessments)
Partner Support & Onboarding

How is StrongMind different?

Emerging Technology


We offer a proactive approach in developing customized and pioneering solutions focused on your priority challenges.



Our solution is scalable and customizable, with flexible implementations that meet your needs and work within your tech plans.



Rich media, creative interactives, videos, and other multimedia elements immerse students and educators in the learning experience.



Students meet their unique academic goals with curriculum that focuses on their strengths, needs, skills and interests.

IMS Global Certification

StrongMind is an IMS Global Affiliate Member, giving you the confidence that StrongMind digital courseware integrations conform to IMS Global Standards Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.0, 1.1, and Outcomes Service 1.X


Learning Tools Interoperability™ (LTI™) is a trademark of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. (www.imsglobal.org).


Fully Integrated Solution

StrongMindSM proudly empowers schools and districts to tackle challenges and support student achievement with a fully integrated solution on a single platform. With an efficient, cloud-based set-up, schools or districts can engage students with captivating digital curriculum, while supporting teachers and administrators with a learning management system (LMS) that provides powerful insights, and a Student Information System (SIS) that that simplifies workflows.

Digital Curriculum

Our award-winning digital curriculum focuses on the “experience”, captivating students with high-quality content that uses interactives and engaging multimedia elements. StrongMind empowers and supports 6-12th grade students with relevant, purposeful content for core, elective, and honors courses.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The StrongMind Learning Management System meets the needs and implementations of students, teachers, and administrators with its user-friendly navigation. Our LMS engages learners for academic success and provides real-time insights to guide learning and feedback for both students and teachers.

Student Information System (SIS)

Schools save time and eliminate redundancies in admissions processes with the configurable and reliable StrongMind SIS. Users can quickly search and monitor student information, course progress, and contact details, eliminating redundancies in workflow, increasing efficiency, and aiding in state compliance.

StrongMind Loud Mouth

StrongMind has taken a bold step to addressing student disengagement, with StrongMind Loud Mouth, an innovative engagement engine that is a convenient mobile solution. Now schools can support positive relationships and improve engagement among teachers, parents, and students with automated messaging about course grades and activity. Teachers can engage with their class more often without adding more to their workload.

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Parent Student Portal (PSP)

Keep your school community connected and in-the-know with our communications and reporting hub, integrated within our StrongMind SIS. Students can instantly access grades, contact their teachers, read school announcements, and connect with peers virtually if enabled. Parents can observe their child’s course progress, attendance, and connect with teachers as needed.

3rd Party Integrations

In addition to captivating, world-class digital curriculum, teachers and administrators can use some of their favorite educational tools within the StrongMind LMS, such as Flipgrid, Turnitin, BigBlueButton, Adobe Connect, and more!


The StrongMind LMS features clear reporting and analytics to help students, teachers, and administrators maximize academic success. Using our fully integrated solution or Courseware, partners have access to Smart Assessment and Galileo® K-12 Online Assessments by ATI, providing powerful data to improve academic outcomes. Educators can view this data within the LMS to drive instructional decisions and keep parents informed – they always know where students are within a course, can view and print grades, and customize scope and sequence to meet individual students’ needs. Furthermore, clear progress indicators within courses, grade reports, and real-time feedback helps motivate students to stay organized and achieve goals. 

Partner Support

Partners using our fully integrated solution or our Courseware experience custom implementation and onboarding with a dedicated Partner Success Manager. Schools and districts will receive ongoing support aligned to established goals.

Fully Integrated Solution

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