Delivering a superior educational experience

One Seamless Solution

Let’s face it. You’ve got big, hairy education challenges to tackle.

And your school’s technology platform should NOT be one of them.

StrongMind’s Fully Integrated Solution is the only one to empower you with a single seamless system for your entire school.

You read that right:

  • No piecemeal APIs.
  • No expensive upgrades or maintenance for separate applications.
  • No mismatched interfaces.
  • And no need for pricey technical support to help cram an impossible technology puzzle together.

One Powerful Platform

Just one powerful cloud-based platform with everything you need to deliver a world-class education: An advanced SIS, LMS and PSP, along with award-winning courseware. StrongMind’s streamlined SaaS system unites your data and automatically shares information between key stakeholders and applications.

Fully Integrated Solution Infographic

Technology Platform

Advanced SIS

Intuitive and Customizable LMS

Progressive Communications Hub/PSP


Core Curriculum

Elective Curriculum

Reporting and Analytics


Other Solutions

Imagine that…
your school’s platform simplified, streamlined and supercharged!

Now, That’s Progress

Our partner schools fondly refer to StrongMind’s virtual school solution as their ‘school-in-a-box.’ This is because it provides everything they need to manage and grow their school so they can focus on what matters most: helping their students succeed academically and become ready for college, career and life.

See for yourself why our partner schools are jumping for joy (literally cheering… you should see it!) when they experience the power and effectiveness of StrongMind’s Fully Integrated Solution.

Student Information Systems (SIS)

StrongMind’s advanced information engine delivers a whole new level of customization and management options in student information software. It enables you to manage your blended or online learning program and deliver the award-winning StrongMind Digital Curriculum efficiently and economically.

The SIS is configurable, reliable and intuitive with a robust selection of reporting features. It eliminates redundancies in the enrollment process while increasing efficiency in monitoring student and teacher progress and state compliance.

Because our platform integrates with a single central database, your data needs to be entered only once and is visible in real time across all applications.


We make it a breeze to request different types of documentation from previous schools. Our transcript entry tool saves time on data entry and reduces human error by automatically populating entry fields based on probability by school.


Going on autopilot is a good thing when you can automatically generate tasks such as a staff member calling a family — even when an application has not been completed. Tasks related to collecting student documents trigger Docusign, which is integrated into the platform, making parent signatures easier than ever to collect.


Automatically suggest course schedules based on student and teacher data as well as graduation requirements for specific diploma types, and make individual changes when needed.


Empower faculty with the necessary information to provide individualized support and timely intervention. Formative and summative assessments with fair, valid and reliable questions developed at the appropriate depth of knowledge (DOK) are used to provide reliable data on student performance.


Search and filter capabilities allow teachers and staff to quickly find a student and view basic stats, current course progress, photo and contact information, all in a static header. A contacts section documents each student’s unique family circumstances and dynamics, while a student dashboard organizes information and analytics for easy reference, giving educators deep insight to each student’s work habits and unique circumstances.


GPA trending displays academic progress in real time for the opportunity to intervene before a temporary setback becomes a long-term issue. A transcript evaluation section gives both high level and detailed views in a student’s progress toward graduation.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The StrongMind LMS is a highly intuitive and customizable with a virtual classroom engineered specifically for the adolescent learner. It maximizes efficiency while personalizing the learning experience with a robust assortment of tools and features that include messaging, instant chat, and classroom overviews. So while our coursework might be challenging, our LMS engages learners for academic success.


Empower your teachers and students with a state-of-the-art virtual classroom that is easy to navigate with its consistent, highly intuitive design employing the latest technologies.


Foster continuous communication between your teachers and students with an advanced instructions section and message center for classroom announcements, class group discussions and instant chatting.


Provide your students with an unparalleled virtual learning experience with a colorful, extremely user-friendly design and rigorous, multimedia rich content. Students can customize their experience according to their learning style preferences with a read aloud text feature, multiple color schemes and course layout options.


Give teachers easy access to an array of powerful tools and features that save time and promote productivity including a gradebook preview, message history, an overview of classroom student progress and LMS tutorial videos. They can even personalize curriculum by adding videos, links and notes throughout courses.

Parent Student Portal (PSP)

Keep your school community connected and in-the-know with our progressive communications and reporting hub. It integrates with our SIS to instantly and automatically deliver information including attendance, grades, course progress, notifications and more. Students and parents can specify the information they want to receive as well as when and how it is delivered.


Enable your students to instantly access grades, contact their teachers, read school announcements and connect with fellow classmates virtually.


Parents can access the Parent Portal any time or choose to be proactively notified with information about attendance, course progress and grades. They can also easily connect with teachers.


Keep your students connected in a virtual social network exclusive to your school. Within this staff-monitored environment, they can post pictures and bios, communicate with one another about classwork, join clubs and “like” or add friends.


Empower students and their parents to take action by giving them a comprehensive view of all the elements related toward their progress toward graduation. Easy-to-read charts and graphs display current GPA, future class requirements and a project timeline for graduation.

Behind the Scenes Support for Success

‘Build it and they will come?’ Not in this day and age! You focus on building a world-class school and let us help you grow enrollment and awareness. Our powerful and proven marketing program delivers the right messages to the right people at the right time.


We can help you meet and even exceed your enrollment goals by reaching prospective students and their families through traditional and digital mediums. Let us help you expand your school with a focus on smart content delivered to targeted audiences through relevant channels.


A top notch website is a must if you want to attract and enroll new students and build a strong school community. We will help you do just that with a site that incorporates cutting edge design, content and enrollment tools that are search engine optimized (SEO).

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