New Course! StrongMind Takes 8th Grade Math to the Next Level

By October 4, 2017April 17th, 2018Curriculum, General


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new 8th grade math course. Take a look at the introduction video to see how our curriculum developers are bringing the magic and power of math to life through relevant problem solving and interactive formats.

In this new course, students continue building on the fundamentals and move from simple mathematics to the exciting worlds of algebra, geometry and statistics.

After reviewing how to solve one- and two-step equations, students are introduced to multi-step equations and proportions. They apply their knowledge of proportional relationships to geometry, where they perform transformations on figures and prove similarity of figures through a series of rigid transformations and dilations.

Applying, Analyzing & Interpreting

Next, students extend their knowledge of linear relationships by identifying and comparing properties of lines and their equations. Then they learn how to solve systems of linear equations using graphs, substitution, and elimination. After that, they build upon their algebraic skills by applying them to statistics, where they analyze and interpret patterns in bivariate data. Finally, students explore and analyze three-dimensional shapes including cylinders, cones, and spheres.

Building a Foundation for the Future

Students experiment and interact with concepts, which helps them build a solid foundation for future studies. The course wraps up with a study of statistics and probability, which helps students to see how the world works and to discover some of the interesting ways that math is used to describe the world.

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  • concerned parent says:

    i see in the video that my son would be listening as well as watching. My question is related to audio. Is there audio available for all text that appears on screen not only in the video portion? If there is a section of material, concepts, word problems, vocabulary, etc. for my son to read is there text to speech option? He struggles in reading and the elementary math education programs we have used so far have been so accomodating in that all visual text on screen is also spoken. Thanks for your time.

    • StrongMind says:

      Thank you for reaching out! Our courses have a read speaker embedded into pages that reads all text and instruction, but not assessments or equations. However, most of our courses have alt tags and long descriptions that will work with a screen reader. We hope this answers your question. If not, let us know.

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