StrongMindsm is determined to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and educators, rethinking education to create innovative, engaging learning environments and unlock the magic of learning for all.


Our robust digital curriculum empowers and supports 6-12th grade students no matter where they are in their journey. Our immersive curriculum elevates the student experience through courses that challenge the way students think. StrongMind offers Core Courses, both General and Honors, as well as a variety of Electives.

Student Testimonials

StrongMind Photography

StrongMind courses incorporate simulations and other interactive content to help students think creatively and critically. In Photography Basics, students will play the role of a photographer and, through augmented reality, compose the perfect shot using information learned earlier in the elective course.

StrongMind Discussion Board

With discussion boards and projects embedded in lessons, students learn to communicate and collaborate effectively. Teachers can assign projects to groups, or students can complete individually and reflect later.

The Rhetorical Triangle

In courses like English 12, students evaluate relevant persuasive arguments and other sources of information for logic, validity, and effectiveness.

With interactive games like Geomethor, students apply prior knowledge to problem-solve and take characters on a visual journey while practicing important math skills.

Our content resonates deeply, to help students become empowered learners. With StrongMind, teachers can deliver high-quality, captivating content, while also reaching diverse learners.

With a Course Snapshot, teachers see key data points on a single page, supporting informed decision-making in the classroom.

Courses provide numerous ways for students to demonstrate their learning, giving teachers greater insight into class performance.

Teachers can personalize learning and accommodate for learner differences easily with built-in supports and meaningful content, fostering independent learning.

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