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Solutions for Virtual, Hybrid, and Mixed Learning Models

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StrongMind proudly offers an innovative suite of solutions for schools and districts that help teachers and students thrive. Built on 20 years of experience in optimizing digital curriculum and best practices in instruction, our solutions will elevate your hybrid, remote, and online learning programs.

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We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all solution for schools and districts. To effectively help schools thrive, we begin by taking the time to learn about the unique challenges each school or district wants to resolve.

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A Flexible Suite of Solutions for Any Learning Model

A Unique Solution to Suit Any Hybrid Learning Model


Hybrid Learning can look different from one school to another. Whether the educational experience includes a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous instruction, station rotation, flipped learning, or other strategies, we will partner with you to develop and implement our solutions so that your students and school thrive. From beginning to end, we are prepared to support you in:


  • Planning your hybrid model and schedule
  • Providing meaningful professional development for teaching or overseeing a hybrid program
  • Delivering high quality, flexible digital curriculum and courses made specifically for hybrid learning
  • Emboldening student social emotional growth and learning

A Reliable Solution for Remote Learning


While remote learning is new for many, StrongMind has provided a robust Virtual Solution to schools and districts for over two decades. With 20 years of experience supporting schools, teachers, students, and families across the nation, we are prepared to deliver a turnkey solution for partial or fully remote programs. Depending on your unique needs, we will partner with you to create a Remote Learning program that maximizes positive outcomes with:


  • Program planning and implementation
  • Initial and ongoing teacher training and support
  • An engaging digital curriculum complete with core, honors, and elective courses for grades 6-12
  • Communicating effectively with students and families
  • Managing schools
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A Solution that Can Adapt to Your Needs


The current crisis means some schools and districts need to educate their students flexibly. Learning models may include in-person, at home, or a mixture of the two, and may also change throughout the year. Our Hybrid Solution can help ensure continuity of learning, no matter how the needs evolve, with:


  • High-Quality, standards-based curriculum
  • Program planning and implementation
  • Initial and ongoing professional learning
  • And any other services needed to support you in changing times
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 “School leaders across the country are planning for a full range of instructional scenarios, from in-home independent remote learning to in-class instruction. StrongMind solutions contemplate this entire range of instructional settings and are perfectly suited for schools that may either have to change models during the year or serve students using various instructional models simultaneously.”

Mary Gifford

President of StrongMind

You have the vision—we have the building blocks.

Don’t settle for good enough.

StrongMind curriculum maximizes time, places, people, content, instruction, and assessment to drive positive learning outcomes.

  • A flexible approach and suite of solutions for use now and into the future
  • Maintaining continuity of learning and equity of opportunity for all students
  • A focus on student success using effective curriculum and resources that support academic achievement and the whole learner
  • Robust teacher resources that guide instructors step-by-step in new learning models and practices 
  • Research-based design that fosters success for learners and educators alike

Ensure Your Students Get SEL Support When and How They Need It

StrongMinded SEL provides seamless and personalized social and emotional learning (SEL) for students in grades 6-12, empowering teachers and helping students build essential skills to support them now and in the future with college, career, and life. Requiring minimal teacher training to get started with meaningful SEL instruction, StrongMinded is a reliable digital solution that provides equitable learning when and how students need it – including in virtual and hybrid learning models.

  • Engaging and relevant SEL – Students and educators and easily search through hundreds of bite-sized and CASEL-aligned activities that include media such as video, comics, animations, and more!
  • Emboldens Student Agency and Growth – Students can easily track their learning with an intuitive dashboard and progress meter!
  • Flexible Tools to Drive Personalization – Educators can share standalone lessons or create and share playlists with individuals, small groups, or with the whole class.

StrongMind Courses and StrongMind SEL StrongMinded qualify for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund of the CARES Act and title funding under ESSA!

StrongMind Implementation Support

Empowering your teachers to succeed in delivering hybrid, blended, and virtual learning begins with strong implementation. Tailored to your specific goals and challenges, StrongMind supports you in every step of the way, including with:

  • Program planning – determining school and class schedules, types of classroom set-ups, identifying existing and needed resources, and more
  • Professional Learning and Development – in person and/or online training for teachers and administrators, resources for successful learning, and much more!
  • Access to a robust Knowledge Base – containing numerous resources to support webinar sessions as well as overall learning and teaching.
  • Part of the StrongMind Community – collaboration with other educators in the StrongMind community and moderated by the StrongMind Partner Success team
  • Education Services

    A full suite of managed services for schools and programs looking for deeper support

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    In addition to robust, ongoing implementation and technology support through Partner Success, StrongMind also offers an extensive list of managed Education Services. Services are developed and customized to meet the specific and local needs of our partners:


    • Marketing, Student Recruitment and Enrollment, and Public Relations

    • Governance, Policy, Compliance, and Accountability

    • Human Resources, Support Staff, Teaching and Administrative Staff

    • Teaching and Learning Professional Development

    • Student Services

    • Technology Planning, Implementation, and Support