Hybrid Learning: A future-proof solution for schools

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This year, traditional brick and mortar schools are scrambling to find ways to continue instruction amid indefinite disruptions to learning. Districts must provide “remote” instruction – something that most teachers and schools were not prepared to do. In addition to delivering effective lessons, engaging students, and assessing progress, schools are also trying to address inequity since every student may not have a computer or reliable internet access. In many cases, teachers have been forced to piece together online resources like scanned- in documents to links and video calls. In reality, what is being labeled as remote learning is quite different from quality online learning.


However, perhaps there is a silver lining in all this. Districts are realizing that a “digital plan” and flexibility are needed not just as an emergency response, but as a long-term and sustainable solution.

A hybrid approach could be one answer for school districts.

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Why a hybrid school?

  • Deeper learning occurs when there is more collaboration. In a hybrid school, creative use of building space means students are not confined to desks for eight hours a day. Space is flexible, allowing for more project-based learning and real-world experiences, re-energizing the classroom.Hybrid pic
  • Students are empowered to build self-agency in a hybrid learning environment as they are given more responsibility for their learning and flexibility in how they learn. By immersing students in collaborative projects and problem-solving, students become active participants in their learning. Instructors can assess student progress in real time, allowing for more personalization.
  • Customized scheduling is encouraged with a hybrid model. Students need to visit the physical building only a few times per week for collaborative work and direct instruction, per district requirements. Afterward, digital learning can take place at home.
  • School innovation is needed if traditional schools are to stand out in the community. By evolving the current model to include a hybrid learning approach, educators are to be able to meet the needs of students, families, and the community, even more so in times of crisis.


StrongMind can help you build a hybrid learning solution for your school or district. We have been an expert in online education for over 20 years. With over 500 professionals that includes former educators, curriculum developers, software engineers, and creative designers, StrongMind has leveraged this experience to be able to build a customized hybrid solution that meets your community’s needs.


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