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A high-quality education encompasses far more than just digital curriculum and lots of settings and data to manage students. Our suite of innovative solutions lets teachers and students thrive without limiting flexibility. At StrongMind we provide solutions for:



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Booth #300 – StrongMind partners with schools and districts to provide impactful solutions for hybrid, blended, and virtual learning. We offer a complete suite of products and services to increase student achievement, engage and retain students, optimize teacher performance, and streamline school operations. With research-based, high-quality digital curriculum and SEL, data-driven engagement strategies, state-of-the-art communication tools, and premiere support for professional learning, training, implementation, and growth, StrongMind is innovating now and into the future of education.

Discover how we can ensure you are reaching parents and families in your school community. While you’re busy delivering a world-class education, we can spread the word and elevate your organization through advertising, social media, website construction, and more.

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Strongmind Booth

StrongMind Sessions at DLAC 2021

Tuesday, June 8th (online only)


Position yourself as the person who builds a creative economy in your district/organization by starting an online/hybrid program


Tuesday, June 8th

3:25 – 3:50pm | Virtual Room 8


In this session, participants will dive into how they might become an innovator for the district/org by leveraging the creation of a structured online/hybrid learning environment. By positioning yourself as the person who solves complex problems in the district with manageable solutions, you open the opportunity to empower others to do the same. Participants will review a path to building innovative systems & mindsets into a district then consider how they might do it in their own organization.



Tuesday, June 15th


An inflection point for digital learning?

Tuesday, June 15

9:00 – 10:15am | Hill Country


After a year of remote and/or hybrid schooling, what have we learned?

Enrollments in online and hybrid schools skyrocketed. Will that continue?

Enrollments in mainstream districts went down. Will they rebound?

New York City is ending future snow days, replaced by remote learning. Will other districts follow?

According to one survey, far more parents want to see a rethinking of public education instead of “going back to normal.” How are mainstream districts responding?

What is the outlook for school year 2021-22 and beyond?

Representatives from a mainstream district, charter school, and state virtual school will participate in this session. Bring your experiences and plans to share!



Equipping Students to Stay Emotionally Well during Uncertain Times


Tuesday, June 15th

9:00 – 10:15am | Zilker Terrace


Social emotional learning has been recognized as critically important during this past year of remote and disrupted learning, but SEL is not new. Experienced educators have been considering SEL needs for decades and are now planning to incorporate SEL into a variety of online and hybrid learning environments. Our panel will discuss student support and SEL as they relate to digital learning, from the perspective of experienced online educators as well as mainstream school districts.



Tools and Techniques for teaching in the hybrid classroom.


Tuesday, June 15th

9:50 – 10:15am | Texas Ballroom 1


Learning from a hybrid learning teacher is the best way to grow your understanding of how to teach in student-centered model that requires less face-to-face time in the classroom.  In the session, you learn about the mindset, the techniques, and the tools needed to run a station rotation classroom focused on the 4Cs.  Participants will also have time to share what they have learned in their own experiences in the hybrid learning environment.



Public, Private, or Charter, transitioning from traditional to hybrid is about aligning tools and techniques to new targets


Tuesday, June 15th

11:50 – 12:15pm | Texas Ballroom 1


The journey from traditional classrooms to hybrid learning is not one path but rather a unique roadmap that requires each school to define the new targets, consider the tools available, and finally take steps to the impact how teachers interact with students. Participants will learn about the journey from the perspective of a public school as well as a hybrid learning charter school, and finally consider how their own school or district might make the transition to hybrid learning.



Help Us Help You – Integrating Parent & Student Feedback to Support K-5 Online Learning


Tuesday, June 15th

11:50 – 12:15am | Virtual Room 1


The school experience can sometimes feel very transactional. Teachers are the experts in teaching kids and parents are most often simply spectators. As educators, this is at odds with our appreciation of the crucially important role parents play in K-5 learning. This session will explore how parent and student feedback is used to guide the development of tools and resources to support an online K-5 experience.



Teacher Support or Supporting Teachers?  Understanding the Challenges and Roles of Project Based Learning in the Hybrid Model


Tuesday, June 15th

2:00 – 2:45pm | Big Bend


With learning experiences that may include teacher-led instruction, project-based learning, independent study, digital learning, all happening at home and/or in the classroom, hybrid education is about finding the right balance to promote student success. As educators look to a future that undoubtedly includes hybrid and project-based learning, careful and purposeful planning will be essential as schools scale up their programs and respond to local needs.



You Need a Budget: How to Build a Vision-Driven School Budget and Have Fun Doing It!


Tuesday, June 15th

2:00 – 2:22pm | Virtual Room 10


In this session we will show you how to leverage the budget process to ensure your vision is viable and presentable to external stakeholders. We’ll also get into various funding and expense topics related to online schools.



Recapture, Re-engage, and Retain Students with Virtual and Hybrid Learning 


Tuesday, June 15th

3:00 PM – 4:15 PM | Hill Country


While some students have struggled with virtual and hybrid learning programs, others have thrived. What can we learn from this moving forward? The perfect time to start thinking about “what’s next” is right now. Join us for a must-attend panel discussion with school and online leaders from around the country about the evolving education landscape, focusing on what we know has not worked in Covid19 response models, what has worked, and what this means for the future of schools.



Wednesday, June 16th


From Research to Reality: Supporting Students’ Social Emotional Learning with Evidence-Based Practices


Wednesday, June 16th

11:20 – 11:45 AM | Virtual Room 3


Academic learning and cognitive growth are inherently linked with students’ social and emotional development. An ever-growing body of research indicates that students participating in well-implemented Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs demonstrate more positive academic outcomes and fewer conduct problems. In this session, attendees will learn about evidence-based strategies and best practice in the field of SEL and how they can support students in developing social emotional competencies.

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