StrongMind FAQs

Is StrongMind curriculum aligned to standards?

Yes, in addition to being rigorous and engaging, StrongMind curriculum is aligned to national and state standards.

Is StrongMind coursework 100% online?

StrongMind’s cloud-based courseware delivers a 100% online curriculum, accessible via the internet anytime and from almost any device.

What type of tests/assessments does StrongMind use?

We have partnered with Assessment Technology Inc. to include its Galileo K-12 Online assessments in our curriculum. This provides your school with valid and reliable diagnostic, growth and proficiency data, gives you deeper insight into student growth and achievement and provides third-party validation for StrongMind curriculum. StrongMind also uses assessments from Key Data Systems.

Is StrongMind self-paced or teacher-led?

StrongMind courses are designed to be self-paced so students move to a new lesson once they have demonstrated mastery of the current lesson. Teachers are an integral part of the model. They lead synchronous lessons and with the help of real-time course/assessment student data, can provide personalized instruction and support to students when and where they need it most.

How is StrongMind content created? Who creates it?

StrongMind invests a tremendous amount of time and resources into each of its courses. They are developed by an in-house team of highly skilled curriculum and creative professionals who are passionate about delivering the very best learning experience and results. Each core and elective course delivers relevant and interesting content through ever-evolving formats such as video, virtual reality (VR) and interactive lessons that capture the attention and interest of today’s students. Explore StrongMind curriculum.

Does StrongMind offer core and elective courses? Where can I find a list of courses?

StrongMind provides all core courses for grades 6-12 as well as numerous electives in the areas of world languages, health and physical education, fine arts and vocation/career. Unique electives include Interior Design, Fashion Design, Gaming Unlocked and Retailing. Explore our course catalog to learn more about StrongMind classes.

Can teachers modify StrongMind’s curriculum?

Yes, teachers have the capability to easily add, delete and edit course content to customize their course and fit their specific needs.

What LMS does StrongMind use?

StrongMind’s digital classroom delivers a powerful and engaging learning experience for students. Our course player is highly intuitive, simple to navigate and has a modern, appealing interface. StrongMind dashboards empower  students, teachers and administrators with key information and data in real time.

Do teachers and administrators get reports? Will we know in real-time how a student is doing?

Teachers and administrators have real-time access to student data so they can provide a more personalized education, provide instructional intervention when and where it’s needed and focus on instruction rather than administrative tasks.

Can we purchase StrongMind courseware per student and per class?

Yes, your school or district can purchase StrongMind courseware either per-student or per-class. To explore how StrongMind can help your school or district, schedule a personalized demo.

How long has StrongMind been in business?

Founded in 2001, StrongMind is a pioneer in digital learning. It was originally created as the curriculum and technology partner for Primavera Online High School. This collaboration helped grow Primavera into the largest high school in Arizona and one of the most successful online high schools in the country serving 26,000+ students each year. Learn more about StrongMind here.


System Requirements


5.0 Mbps minimum bandwidth DSL or Cable preferred (Dial-Up not supported)
Personal email address (get a free account from GMAIL, YAHOO or OUTLOOK)


CPU: Intel® I3 or better recommended, or AMD equivalent
RAM: 4 GB minimum (8 GB recommended)
HDD: at least 20 GB free space recommended)
VIDEO: 1024×768 minimum resolution required
MONITOR: 15” Widescreen or greater recommended
AUDIO: Sound card with speakers or headphones (or headset with microphone)
AUDIO: Microphone (required for Foreign Language courses & Tutoring)
PRINTER: Inkjet or laser printer (not required, but helpful)


Windows® 8.1 or 10; Mac® OSX 10.9 or later

* Chromebooks have some limitations that can affect user experience

* Some users have had success with Linux with Chrome and/or Firefox
* iPads, iOS/Android Tablets, and some Netbooks are not supported as they may
not be able to use required plugins and/or have screens that are too small to adapt.

Software and Plugin Requirements

The link below will download all software necessary to run the Primavera Course Player, including  Java, Quicktime, Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave, Silverlight and Firefox. This link will work for PC users only.  Flash player will need to be downloaded individually.  Please use the link provided in the next section.

If you prefer to download the required software individually, please use the links below.


Internet and Browser Options

  • EDGE (This browser has some limitations that can affect user experience and is not fully supported)

Some courses require specific plugins in order to properly render the content.  Note that not all plugins are supported by all browsers. For the most complete support of current and legacy plugins, we recommend Mozilla Firefox.

Browser cookies must be enabled.

Antivirus + Antimalware

Keeping your computer clean of viruses and malicious software is essential to your computers health and performance. Primavera suggests that you have up to date and active protection on your computer. Below are links to some free programs that can assist you in keeping your computer clean. All of the software listed here has both paid and free versions, it is not necessary to purchase any of the software listed here. Please make sure to read the disclaimer at the top of this page in regards to software links.













Opening Pop-Up Windows

Upon logging in, the Student Portal should open in a new window.  If you are having trouble logging in please check our HOW TO: DISABLE POP UP BLOCKER for instructions on disabling pop up blockers.

*Some operating systems will minimize the new pop up window to the task bar.  Please be sure to check the task bar for any pop up windows

Opening PDF Files

  1. In Adobe Reader or Acrobat, choose Edit > Preferences.
  2. Select Internet.
  3. Deselect Display PDF In Browser and then click OK.
  4. Choose Edit > Preferences > Internet again
  5. Now, select Display PDF In Browser and then click OK.

Check Firefox settings

  1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu and select Options….
  2. Select the Applications panel.
  3. Find Adobe Acrobat Document in the list and click on it to select it.

Click on the drop-down arrow in the Action column for the Adobe Acrobat Document entry and select Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox).


*Download Software Requirements